Citizen Radio

Stephen Harper, authoritarian lunatic


1. Tomorrow, Thursday, there will be a BONUS episode of Citizen Radio. This is the audio from Citizen Radio LIVE! including interviews with Matt Taibbi and Jeremy Scahill, comedy from Janeane Garofalo, and music by Jack Dishel.

2. Check out Citizen Radio’s Youtube channel ( to see backstage footage of Matt Taibbi and Jeremy Scahill meeting for the first time ever and swapping stories about pussy Chuck Todd and crazy Sey Hersh.

On this week’s Citizen Radio…

·    Glenn Beck: Still a crazy asshole

·    Allison and Jamie talk about their earliest memories of contemplating atheism

·    How to represent liberalism in a way that appeals to people

·    Citizen Radio reads YOUR listener mail!

·    With the success of “Fuck You, David Cameron!” Allison and Jamie have received a request for “Fuck You, Stephen Harper!” detailing all the terrible things the Canadian Prime Minister has been doing, so here it is!

·    Allison talks about discredited psychologist, Paul Cameron, the man who is STILL cited as an expert by bigots. Cameron says all kinds of outrageous, untrue things about gay people. (

·    A new study published by the Archives Of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine concludes that a type of abstinence-only education works. Naturally, this has made Conservatives very happy. Citizen Radio reports why this study does NOT prove anti-condom programs work. This study is small, self-reported (meaning the kids have to self-report if they’re having sex,) and 33% of the kids had sex after the program anyway (and hopefully used condoms). (

Link to this show:


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