Rod Liddle Busted For Making Racist Comments Under Online Pseudonym

The rumored future editor of The Independent is in more hot water. Rod Liddle, the racist, sexist global warming denier, just got busted by The Daily Mail for leaving racist comments on a series of football supporters’ websites.

Initially, Liddle claimed the controversial remarks were left by a hacker. However, he admitted last night to making most of the comments.

Alex Higgins over at the Facebook group “If Rod Liddle becomes editor of The Independent, I will not buy it again,” scooped the Mail and found some of the posts left by Liddle under his pseydonym “monkeymfc.”

Here are some highlights:

On women:

There’s a very rapid turnover in the business these days and it’s a good two years since we last asked the important question:

“which lady newsreaders would you most like to fist?”

Let me start with Mary Nightingale…………….

On the BNP (the notoriously racist, ultra-right British National Party)

Fckin ‘ell Tige, I’d get down to that polling booth. Vote early, vote often, vote BNP.

On ethnic minorities: (this chunk snagged by the Mail):

‘There’s thousands of organisations catering exclusively to black and asian minorities. **** ‘em, close them down. Why do blacks need a forum of their own? As a power base and cash cow for ****s and in order to perpetuate the myth of widespread discrimination.’

More on minorities/BNP (and its leader, Nick Griffin):

I think that’s largely rollocks. Blacks have entire tv programmes to themselves – that Desmond thing about a barbers shop, and Crimewatch.

In seriousness Tige, they come from fcking London, not Bangladesh. You are making Nick Griffin’s point for him.

In response to a Youtube video:

That stupid black cow, though, with her white daughter was disgusting. Thick bitch

“Yes I did write that, but be fair,” Liddle told the Mail. “The language is not something I would put in The Sunday Times or The Spectator. You could do me for that I suppose.”

This is the mind that would help to shape The Independent’s content. I’m sure Liddle wouldn’t approve any headlines that read, “Blacks Get Entire TV Programs – WTF?!” but surely these kinds of severe prejudices would influence his editorial decisions.

Why is this idiot a serious candidate again?

– Allison Kilkenny

One response to “Rod Liddle Busted For Making Racist Comments Under Online Pseudonym

  1. What an odious man this Rod Liddle seems.
    The comments you claim he said;
    “That stupid black cow, though, with her white daughter was disgusting. Thick bitch”

    What an awful awful man.
    And he was charged with domestic abuse how on earth scum like this make it anywhere in society offends me.

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