Hello, My Name Is…

Slapping on the “Hello, My Name Is…” sticker this week are El Perro Del Mar, Efterklang, and Candy Claws
January 14, 2010

El Perro Del Mar

The Dog Of The Sea may dry off on my catamaran any day…(insert badly done sexy sea lion growl here). Enamoring throngs by not wanting to talk about it, Sarah Assbring shares what her stage name means to her:

“It refers to a time and place in my life when I was very lost and spent a holiday in Spain. I hadn’t seen good things for a long time when a stray dog suddenly walked up to me on the beach. There was a connection there that I caught in its eyes. I had had this feeling of feeling like a dog, all hopeless and tired. I saw that in the dog too, but I also saw something else, something untouchable and precious, and that’s when it came back to me. I texted my boyfriend after the rendezvous with the dog, and he replied back, “Oh, so you’ve met el perro del mar.” And I thought, “Yes, I guess I have.” Shortly after that I started writing music again.”

Tour Dates

Feb 14   World Café (w/ Taken By Trees) – Philadelphia, PA
Feb 16   Le Poisson Rouge (w/ Taken By Trees) – New York, NY
Feb 17   Knitting Factory (w/ Taken By Trees) – Brooklyn, NY
Feb 19   Cambridge Family YMCA Theatre (w/ Taken By Trees) – Boston, MA
Feb 20   Il Motore (w/ Taken By Trees – Montreal, QC, Canada
Feb 21   Mod Club (w/ Taken By Trees – Toronto, ON, Canada
Feb 22   Schuba’s (w/ Taken By Trees) – Chicago, IL


If you haven’t swooned over the bewitching orchestral arrangements of Efterklang yet, what are you waiting for? You’re behind, and they have a new album dropping in February titled Magic Chairs. You still have time to catch up before they cross the pond to tour stateside come March. Word on the Danish street is that Efterklang translates into English as reverberation, but drummer Thomas Husmer explains the double meaning:

“As far as I remember, the name Efterklang came about all of a sudden, after searching desperately for a name for a long period. We liked it because of its two senses. One, the literal ‘reverberation’ and the other, the metaphorical ‘remembrance.’ We simply thought these two meanings suited our music.”

The band’s web site digs a bit deeper:

“We like the idea that these songs are a huge parade moving past the listener – each section creating a new experience, an individual room of a house. Yet all the elements fit together, so you get a sense of the entire structure as the elements shift and coalesce.”

Tour Dates

Jan 23  Voxhall (performing as Slaraffenklang) – Aarhus, Denmark
Jan 24  Skuespilshuset (performing as Slaraffenklang) – Copenhagen, Denmark
Mar 2   First Unitarian Church (w/ Balmorhea) – Philadelphia, PA
Mar 3   Le Poisson Rouge (w/ Balmorhea) – New York, NY
Mar 4   TT The Bears (w/ Balmorhea) – Cambridge, MA
Mar 5   La Sala Rosa (w/ Balmorhea) – Montreal, QC, Canada

Candy Claws

Kay and Ryan of Candy Claws have stated that every album will be a “musical companion” to a book they love. Their latest record, In The Dream Of Sea Life, is the chardonnay to Rachel Carson’s buttered sea bass, “The Sea Around Us.” Their records allude to something deeper, but their name, eh… not so much:

“The name Candy Claws has no special meaning. It’s just a name Ryan always had on reserve in case a new band was birthed. It’s nice because of the contrast it sets up – the sweet and innocent with the sharp and dangerous. It seems a bit silly, but some of the best music has been created under terrible names, if you really think about them.”

Link to this article:

– Phillip Nguyen

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