Geek Out with Previously On Lost

This week on Geek Out, we’re happy to have Jeff and Adam of Previously On Lost in the studio. POL is a recap rock band that amazingly writes and records a song summarizing an episode the day after. We’ll hear their take on Faraday’s Constant and Sayid’s badassness, as well as discuss how bad shrimp led to the band’s formation and why Emilio Estevez should be in the series finale. Check it out now!

00:00 Mimi & Phil
02:25 Ballad Of Sayid Jarrah
06:37 Adam & Jeff of Previously On Lost
06:55 How POL Came To Be
08:36 The Creative Process Behind A Song
11:20 How Bad Shrimp Helped The Band’s Formation
12:43 POL’s Ties To ABC
14:10 Compelling Lost Mysteries
17:16 Favorite Lost Character
18:35 Favorite Episode Of Lost
20:05 How Will Lost End?
21:45 The Others, And More Lostcentric Bands
23:00 Adam & Jeff’s Other Projects
26:16 Zombieville
27:46 Get Ready For The Wolfman
28:42 The Masturbating Bear & La Bamba
29:22 Throwdown Hoedown
31:36 Season Premiere Party at Bell House on February 2nd
33:37 Phil & Mimi
35:04 Be My Constant

Party with Previously On Lost:
Feb 2 Bell House (Lost Season Premiere Party) – Brooklyn, NY

Check out Adam & Jeff’s other projects too:
Small Black
Long Live King Richard


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