Blogger of the Week: Quick Before it Melts

BreakThru Radio is proud to announce the return of Quick Before it Melts on The Anatomy of a Blogger! Jim was the first blogger to be featured on the show and is credited for giving it its genius name. Since QBiM is based in Ontario, Jim has put together a fantastic all-Canadian playlist with artists like Attack in Black, City and Colour, Stars, The Rural Alberta Advantage, and more. On QBiM, Jim writes about his personal connections to the music from the perspective of an everyday music fan. Be sure to check QBiM for more! Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Skinny Boy – Amy Millan)
01:00 Stuck for the Summer – Two Hours Traffic
04:06 Jim of Quick Before it Melts on QBiM
05:36 Hangover Days – Jason Collett
09:54 QBiM on Stars
10:51 Ageless Beauty – Stars
14:52 QBiM on Attack in Black
16:00 Northern Towns – Attack in Black
19:10 QBiM on The Rural Alberta Advantage
20:38 The Ballad of The RAA – The Rural Alberta Advantage
24:01 Low Gravity – The Acorn
27:33 QBiM on Ontario scene
29:02 Vanished – Crystal Castles
33:04 All We Want, Baby, Is Everything – Handsome Furs
36:10 QBiM on Canadian bands to watch in 2010
39:15 The Girl – City and Colour
43:57 The Comandante – Luke Doucet and White Falcon
49:04 QBiM on developments since the last BTR feature
53:24 Concrete Heart – Great Lake Swimmers
56:57 DJ Mimi (Skinny Boy – Amy Millan)
57:20 Write It All Down For You – Elliott Brood


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