Planet Beet

Planet Beet Show with Mr Jason & Iron-On – Wednesday 13th January 2010

This week we have the usuals, Alan Southgate’s “song a week” project, “Album Of The Month” from I Am Error, and the welcome return of our exclusive “Live Gig Recording” bit, this week featuring a set by Hasikara Smile, recorded at the Wombat Wombat Xmas Party & 9th Birthday shindig, at Norwich’s Arts Centre. There’s also a bran noo song by Keith Brown. Oh, and we couldn’t do “Classic Album” this week either, as I searched for hours, but couldn’t find any of my 3 copies of “Dream Ferret” by “Laurie Bennett & The Models”. Hopefully I’ll find it by next week..
Whadaya say? Let’s Radio!

I Am Error

00:00    Intro
00:55    Face Value – Keith Brown
04:12    Jason & Iain Talking
10:13    The Same Hands – I Am Error
14:38    Jason & Iain Talking
19:23    Ape Of The Year – Alan Southgate
23:07    Jason & Iain Talking
25:20    Hasikara smile – Live @ Norwich arts Centre
51:06    Promised Land – I Am Error
54:41    Jason & Iain Talking
58:18    Sink Or Swim – James Elliot Taylor
61:54    Outro

9th Jan 2010    Planet Beet Private Party 10    Norwich, UK
31st Jan 2010      The Slate     Cork, Ireland

Keith Brown


Our Planet Beet website –
Old School Studios –
Norwich Arts Centre –

Hasikara Smile were recorded live @ Norwich Arts Centre by Jason and Mark, with Jason doing the live mix.

Recorded at Old School Studios v4.0 in Norwich, Norfolk, UK –

Link to this show:


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