Spotlight On The City – Phoenix, AZ

January 12, 2010

You’ve just tuned into Spotlight on the City! For the month of January, I will feature Phoenix, Arizona (and the neighboring areas). Email me at

00:00 Spotlight on Phoenix,AZ!
00:32 Dirty Wine-Black Carl
03:34 Nobody-Sweetbleeders
08:22 I’m Not Crying. You’re Not Crying, Are You?-Dear and the Headlights
11:15 Girl, You’re Gonna Learn to Mind-Kinch
14:25 Really Want To Be Your Friend-French Quarter
17:44 Circus Song-Dry River Yacht Club
20:47 Spotlight on Phoenix,AZ!
21:40 The Stork-Yellow Minute
26:42 Frankie the Beaver-JJcNV
28:13 Setting you On Fire-French Quarter
30:33 Someplace Better-Snail Quail
33:27 Serious Song-Hi My Name Is Ryan
35:38 Bella I Like You in Your Panties-The Cullens
37:56 Talk About-Dear and the Headlights
41:38 Spotlight on Phoenix,AZ!
42:33 The Wolf-Black Carl
45:31 The Sheep-Black Carl
47:42 Gampy-JJcNV
49:37 Junta Minunta-Yellow Minute
54:15 Spiders Song-Dry River Yacht Club
58:53 Carolina Cannonball-Kinch
62:15 Spotlight on Phoenix,AZ!
62:53 Phoenix,AZ-Snail Quail

Black Carl
Jan 15 2010      Hidden House -Phoenix, AZ

Jan 17 2010      Revolver Records -Phoenix, AZ
Jan 22 2010     Poblano Hot Sauce Factory -Tucson, AZ
Jan 30 2010     The Trunk Space -Phoenix, AZ

Dry River Yacht Club

Photo:Bill Goodman
Jan 17 2010      The Hidden House – MLK Edition -Phoenix, AZ
Feb 20 2010     Hu’s Yucca Tap Room -Tempe, AZ
Mar 6 2010      The Drunken Lass Irish Pub-Prescott, AZ
Mar 26 2010     The Rouge Bar -Scottsdale, AZ
Apr 1 2010        Botanical Gardens-Pheonix, AZ

French Quarter
Jan 16 2010      Trunk Space -Phoenix, AZ


Jan 15 2010      Kilby Cour-Salt Lake City, UT
Jan 16 2010      Moe’s-Englewood, CO
Jan 17 2010     Telos Campus House- Albuquerque, NM
Jan 20 2010      Club Congress – Tucson, AZ


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