Hello, My Name Is…

It’s time once again to learn about the origin of some of your favorite band’s names. The groups featured in today’s edition can all be heard on the BTR show Overnight Sensation. They include Byrds of Paradise, Nunparty, and The Dead Baron!

Byrds of Paradise is a Brooklyn (via New Jersey) based pop-punk band that neatly occupies the space between the scruffier Ramones tracks and the more anthemic Superchunk tunes. They play around New York City a lot and they put on a good show. So, if you’re in the area, you should definitely go check them out! They have a tape out on Friendship Bracelet, plus a couple of 7″s in the works. Here’s the story behind their name, as written by the main Byrd, Kenny:

“I used to watch Planet Earth all the time falling asleep and my favorite was the Jungle episode. The Birds of Paradise segment was so rad and the birds were so cool that I thought it’d be a sick name, and I spelled Byrds with a ‘Y’ because the women of paradise just seemed like a cool aesthetic, hence all the women pictures on our MySpace. I didn’t learn until after the fact that there was a 90s show with Arlo Guthrie, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Seth Green that had the same name.”

Next up, Brooklyn two-piece Nunparty. Nunparty writes the sweetest twee-pop songs you could ever hope to hear. They have a self-released 9-song EP out right now that you would be very wise to purchase. Here’s what their lead singer and songwriter, Alyssa, has to say about the name:

“Nunparty’s a totally lame name. I was back visiting in Echo Park, hanging with my friend who I used to play music with on my visit home, and I think we were joking about nuns or something. Then we decided to do that retarded YouTube video, which is on the MySpace, where I just acted like a total idiot. Then later that week we went to this party or something and we were talking about how I should just make a band when I get back to Baltimore, but I didn’t really know anybody so I was just going to do it all myself. Then when I got back to Maryland I made “Elevator Love Cruise” and Andy liked it, so I just decided to temporarily name it Nunparty. I was originally just going to sing about nuns but I guess it morphed into something else. I constantly want to change it, but I just can’t think of anything better.”

The final band on our list today is Lynwood, California-based spaz/art rock duo The Dead Baron. There music alternates between jazz/hiphop genre experimentation and blown-out bolt-throwing riff rock. Crazy stuff indeed. The band just released a tape on Obeast, and have a full-length coming out soon on Lazy Roar.

“The simple story about the band name was really because I’m a huge fan of Manfred Von Richthofen, the actual Red Baron. He’s this dude who was literally a killing machine in the air. This dude had all the medals, all the glory, everything in the air. So the idea of being the best at a certain field intrigues me. I also dig the whole play on word stuff so i just changed Red to Dead to make it sound interesting, I suppose. And Also, Radiohead was taken already.”

Keep checking back to BTR for more great band name stories!!

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– Patrick Kolodgy


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