January Adds: Featuring Computer Perfection, Ideal Soul Mart, and Little Girls

Computer Perfection

We Wish You Well On Your Way to Hell

Computer Perfection are a five piece outfit from Detroit, Michigan, featuring ex members of Pas/Cal. The band has only been around a short while, but has been receiving lots of attention after their standout performance at this year’s (2009) CMJ festival in New York City. The group released their debut, We Wish You Well On Your Way to Hell on Le Grand Magistery, and it is great! The twelve song EP is filled with dreamy, psychedelic pop. The entire album has beautiful melodies and harmonies that are really far out.

The music is full of synthesizers and can become quite crazy when there are no vocal.  For example, “Maurice on the Water” is entirely instrumental. Other tunes like “How I Won The War” are straight up pop hits.

See them live:

Dec 31 2009   Magic Stick -Detroit, MI

Ideal Soul Mart

Ideal Soul Mart

Ideal Soul Mart is an Austin, Texas based duo consisting of Clay Fain and Adam Luikart. The two came up with the idea after the demise of their other bands, Crawling with Kings, Emily Sparks, The Ashes, Friends of Lizzy. and The Drawing Board.

The duo named their group after a convenience store in Austin. Their MySpace page explains it like this:

The original Ideal Soul Mart is a convenience store on the east side of Austin that sells the usual assortment of alcohol, soda, and snacks – but unfortunately, not a shot at better living, or a fresher start, like the name might imply. The hunger for a more ideal something is what drove multi-instrumentalists Clay Fain and Adam Luikart out from behind the wreckage of previous bands and back onto the stage, booking shows before songs were written and working it out in front of the crowd.

Their eight song debut is full of high energy pop, delivered straight to you by the duo. The two create a sound thicker than what may be expected from a small outfit. The guitar is beautiful, but keeps to a minimum allowing for percussion and piano parts to fill in the spaces with quirky nuances.  I recommend “Don’t Fight It”, “Wrk”, and “Head is Full”.

Little Girls


2009 has seen it’s fair share of lo-fi bands come and go. Writers seem to love them and talk about them excessively. Music kids flock to their shows, and other bands want to be them. Honestly, I can’t wait until it’s over. There is one band that can pull off this sort of style and that’s Toronto’s Little Girls. The lo-fi use in their album, Concepts, takes more of an artistic approach. The eleven song album, released on Canada’s Paper Bag records was written entirely by Josh Mcntryre between December 2008 and August 2009.

McIntyre’s approach is simple and defined throughout the entire album. Simple, danceable drum beats, guitars with lots of reverb, and the standout, muffled background vocals. My favorite part of the entire album are the guitar parts. They are simple, yet very eerie. The music has a dark tone, and takes many influences from post punk. My only question is, How many albums can you make like this?

Concepts lacks definition from song to song, that is why I have little hope that a second album would even be necessary. To me, an album like this is a piece of art on it’s own. A follow up would seem silly and excessive. From start to finish, the songs are very conceptual, taking the listener from track to track without altering the mood. I would say that as long as you are happy recreating the past, being part of a short lived era or part of the saturated scene of hipster lo-fi bands the album is perfect and sometimes, that is good enough.

Listen up to BTR from music from all of these albums!

Link to this article: http://www.breakthruradio.com/index.php?b=article.php?id=1265

– Lottie Leymarie


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