Artist of the Week: CFCF

Mike Silver is young, Canadian, and ready to rejuvenate the world of electronic music.  He broke into the scene with a remix of Crystal Castles’ “Air War,” and has continued to turn out innovative remixes.  His original material is inventive as well.  Continent, his debut full-length release from Paper Bag Records, is full of tracks that are like winter nights; they are sometimes smooth and peaceful, sometimes unexpected and full of bumps, but always fresh and cool. You can hear influences ranging from classical to jazz to Italo Disco, sometimes all in one track. All the elements combine to make Continent an unconventional pop hit.

The first song, “Raining Patterns,” hits you with heavy synth right off the bat, then softens things up with a rippling waterfall of notes sprinkling downward through the beat.  The second track, “Big Love” gets you moving with rich layers of beats and loops, and then makes you lean in closer to decipher the soft, dreamy vocals.  It’s retro, but not too retro, and is just as well suited to serve as the soundtrack to an afternoon spent lazing around or a night spent bopping on a dance floor.  That type of versatility is a common thread among all the tracks on Continent – no matter the situation, this is the right soundtrack.

The album wraps up with “Half-Dreaming Reprise,” an adaptation on the melody from “Half Dreaming,” a track that comes halfway through the album.  “Half Dreaming Reprise” is short and sweet; it’s simple enough to act as a palate cleanser for the rich album, yet alluring enough to make you want to revisit Mike Silver’s world again – and soon. Continent  is sure to be the first album in long progression of pop gold created by CFCF.

Keep listening to BTR for tracks from CFCF’s album Continent!

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– Caroline Sloan


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