Old Canes

The first time I heard of Old Canes was after I received the latest album Feral Harmonic. I put the CD into my computer, as most DJs do these days, and the music impressed me right away. I was hooked! The songs were thick, with beautiful instrumentals – the record lured me in from the first song, appropriately titled “Intro.” The tune has a dramatic build that properly sets up the moodiness of the entire album. The second track, “Little Bird Courage” continues to build and draw the listener via an immediate drum intro and eerie, yet beautiful toy piano parts. The guitars are fast and addictive and the trumpet lines are used ever so perfectly.

How was it that I never heard of a band that was this talented? Where did they come from and who are they? Well the answer makes a lot of sense. Old Canes is the project of Christopher Crisci, singer and guitarist of The Appleseed Cast. He is currently accompanied by Kelly Hangauer, of the band 4th of July, Lucas Oswald of Minus Story, Taylor Holenback, Joey Henry of Calamity Cubes, Jordan Geiger of Minus Story and John Anderson of Boy’s Life and White Whale.

Old Canes started around 2001 when Crisci began to play solo acoustic shows. The Appleseed Cast were on tour in Europe and were playing an in-store live concert. A promoter asked the band to perform acoustic and Crisci performed three solo Old Canes songs. The music was very different then his main project, The Appleseed Cast, and everyone really enjoyed what they heard. In 2003, Crisci released a four-song demo. 2004 saw the 12-song, full length of Early Morning Hymns, which Crisci produced, recorded and mixed himself at his home studio on half inch 8 track tape. Crisci played a lot of the instruments on Early Morning Hymns, including guitar, harmonica, banjo, percussion and toy piano. Grieger and Nathan Richardson contributed along with other members of The Appleseed Cast.

Crisci began Feral Harmonic in 2005 and eventually finished it in early 2009. The album was released by Saddle Creek Records on October 12, 2009. I recommend listening to the entire album in all its beauty, but the standout tracks are “Trust,” “Sweet” and “Flower Faces.”


Dec 28 2009 at TBA – w/ Cursive in Chicago, IL

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– Lottie Leymarie


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