Blogger of the Week: A Future in Noise

A Future in Noise is dedicated to honest music journalism, and Marilyn talks to BTR about the website and the team that makes it run. She also talks about some of the artists on the playlist today, including John Carpenter, Franz Ferdinand, and Panda Bear. She thinks that the latest Franz Ferdinand and Yeah Yeah Yeahs albums weren’t well-received, because people are suspicious of electronics. What are your thoughts? Head over to A Future in Noise to comment. Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Sunburn – Pearl Harbor)
00:48 Big In Japan – Tom Waits
04:51 A Future In Noise on A Future In Noise
06:36 Light at the End of the Tunnel – The Bloodsugars
11:02 The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness – The Feelies
16:06 AFIN on John Carpenter
16:33 Seasons – John Carpenter
21:16 No You Girls – Franz Ferdinand
24:55 AFIN on Franz Ferdinand, YYYs
25:28 Dragon Queen – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
29:27 AFIN on Panda Bear
30:06 Comfy In Nautica – Panda Bear
34:10 Getting Down – The Kills
37:05 AFIN on team members
38:44 Brand-New-Life – Young Marble Giants
41:34 The Queen of Eyes – The Soft Boys
43:30 AFIN on favorite albums of the year
45:46 Fences – Phoenix
49:30 Adam’s Turtle – These Are Powers
52:47 AFIN on future projects
53:35 Bewitched – Beat Happening
56:35 DJ Mimi (Sunburn – Pearl Harbor)
57:11 No One Has – Mudhoney

-Mimi Kim

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