Hello, My Name Is…

Today we feature three artists from Miami, Florida!

Elastic Bond includes Andres Ponce (keyboards/samplers/musical direction), Sofy Encanto (vocals), MC Orion (vocals), Buffalo Brown (guitar), El David (trumpet) and Manuel “Papayo” Corao (percussion). Andres told us Elastic Bond’s story:

“Sofy and I were brainstorming band names. When we said Elastic Bond, something resonated. I just saw it in my head as an integration of all of our different personalities and musical influences into this “sound,” almost like a molecule that’s held together firmly but at the same time is somehow shifting. Then when I Googled the name I found out it is actually a term used in physics and chemistry. It also just sounded cool (maybe because of James Bond) and we could see it as a reflection of ourselves as human beings and musicians.”


Nov 21 2009 at Tobacco Road Anniversary Party in Miami, FL
Nov 28 2009 at JAZID Midnight Special in Miami Beach, FL

Sirens and Sealions consists of Chantal Meza, Johanna Viscaino and a few groovy Sealions (Nick Deluca, Matt Gajewski, Gerry Felipe, Daniel Fernandez and Danny Higuera). The band has been around since 2008.

Johanna tells us about S and S:

“The concept of being in a band was always a joke to us – almost the way people can joke about being ninjas. We love to come up with fictitious scenarios related to pop culture, and we kept joking about being in a band with an acquaintance of ours. I mentioned something along the lines of ‘our fake band should be based on mythical creatures!’ and my friend replied with ‘unicorns and sirens!’ The jokes kept rolling, and that following weekend, we all went to go see Rachel Goodrich play a solo acoustic performance at Restaurant 190. There, our current female vocalist Chantal Meza – who had heard of the different absurdities we came up with for our ‘pretend band’ – wanted to relay the humorous band names to her sister and asked me ‘what is it that you and Josh came up with for a band name? Sirens and sealions?’ I instantly replied ‘no, unicorns and sirens, but sirens and sealions is so much better!’ A couple of months later was when I took out my song book, showed it to Nick and Chanti, and we snatched the name sirens and sealions, which was technically created by a jumble of words in Chanti’s memory bank.”

Ex-Norwegian is a three-piece outfit consisting of Roger Houdaille, Nina Souto and Arturo Garcia. The group formed in 2008 in Miami. Roger let us in on the secret behind their name:

“The story starts with the previous band name, Father Bloopy, which was something I picked off of a British comedy/childrens show called Maid Marian & Her Merry Men. Essentially it was a solo record, and then I formed the band to promote it, and after 1 year of that, we decided to start fresh, new band name, image, songs, etc. We got Arturo on board as full time drummer, so Nina and myself had the task of coming up with a great new band name.

I remember I was already interested in having a country name, or something geographical. And Ex Norwegian just came out of putting on Monty Python episodes in the background non-stop, to see if anything stood out, and sure enough there it was, a reference to an Ex-Norwegian prime minister. And that was it. I knew I had it. It was later that a fan pointed out that it could be a ‘parrot sketch’ reference, since the ex-parrot was a Norwegian blue.

Now, that’s the real story. Of course, we have been having fun with the name of the band and we will make reference to being from Norway sometimes, or just other crazy stories.”

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