New Album Releases!

Animal CollectiveFall Be Kind EP (Domino)

They couldn’t just settle for “Album of the Year,” which many lists have already declared. Animal Collective wants the whole shebang by conquering the EP side of things as well. Maybe it’ll be like last year, when Pitchfork couldn’t decide between Fleet Foxes self-titled record or the Sun Giant EP. They just lumped them together, to be enjoyed as one, like peanut butter and jelly or cookies & cream. Besides having five new tracks to drop tabs and see the colors to, the EP features the first ever officially licensed Grateful Dead sample, from the song “Unbroken Chain.” Let the adoration commence.

Suggested Track: “What Would I Want? Sky”

MiC K!ng & ChumFlavor Ade (Fake Four Inc.)

Former champion battle rapper iCON The MiC K!ng is teaming up again with producer, Chum The Skrilla Guerilla, for another fun outing that can honestly be labeled as great Hip-Hop. Flavor Ade is an accompanying album to the upcoming release Cool-Aide, but shouldn’t be looked at as an album of leftovers. MiC has a vision for Cool-Aide, which is “to keep cool through adversity and no guest appearances.” This record is comprised of songs that don’t fit that bill, but are still dope in their own regard. Lucky for us too, cause now we get to hear mash-ups with Atmosphere, Has-Lo, and eLZHi of Slum Village. If you’re tired of “Gay Fish” antics, then switch to Flavor Ade.

Suggested Track: “Wordperfect” feat. eLZHi

Jookabox Dead Zone Boys (Asthmatic Kitty)

The first song I heard from Grampall Jookabox was called “The Girl Ain’t Preggers”, and while I did like the fierce bass line and the trash can two step, there was still something a bit off. To quote Murakami, “Reality was one step out of line, a cardigan with the buttons done up wrong.” Now that the group has slashed the Grampall from their name (which no one could figure out anyways), the group seems to have tightened up their formula of frenetic junk drum circles and wild lyrics that beg to be howled at a full moon. All that, and there’s a zombie-musical side story that goes along with the record that has something to do with how the east side of Indianapolis is akin to a George Romero movie. Dead Zone Boys should be as good as BRAINS!!!

Suggested Track: “Gonna Need The Guns/Doom Hope”

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