Blogger of the Week: Quiet Color

Music blogs aren’t just about music anymore. Quiet Color is a Brooklyn-based multimedia blog/event promoter/indie label that is linking sight and sound. Alex and Kevin of Quiet Color talk to BTR about the website, the playlist, their regular features, and what’s coming up on the Quiet Color calendar. They’ve picked out songs from Surfer Blood, Sleigh Bells, The Shivers, Daytime, The Soft Pack, and more. You may want to download this one to keep permanently.  Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Sculpture Gardens – Art Museums)
01:40 Twin Peaks – Surfer Blood
05:11 Soda Popinski – Javelin
07:25 Too Much Time – John Vanderslice
10:50 Quiet Color on Quiet Color
12:57 Infinity Guitars – Sleigh Bells
15:25 Blinking Pigs – Little Dragon
19:00 Just Didn’t Need To Know – The Shivers
23:37 Quiet Color on playlist
26:58 Rollerskate – Matias Aguayo
30:56 Talamak – Toro y Moi
33:28 Answer to Yourself – The Soft Pack
36:46 Quiet Color on regular features
40:00 Doubt/Hope – Wildbirds & Peacedrums
42:56 Shine On – Air Waves
45:34 Magic Tape – Bell
50:16 Quiet Color on upcoming events
52:52 Castle – UUVVWWZ
57:57 DJ Mimi (Sculpture Gardens – Art Museums)
58:51 Morning – Daytime

-Mimi Kim


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