Citizen Radio with attorney Susan Burke

Special guest: attorney Susan Burke, lead counsel against CACI and Blackwater

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On this Wednesday’s Citizen Radio…

Citizen Radio welcomes special guest, Susan Burke! Burke serves as lead counsel in five actions brought on behalf of the Abu Ghraib torture victims. The actions are against CACI and L-3, whose employees served as translators or interrogators and participated in torture. She also serves as lead counsel against Blackwater’s slaughter of innocent civilians in Iraq’s Nissoor Square.

Burke talks about how private mercenaries are a way for the government to “buy their way out of a draft,” the lack of accountability in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama’s comments that we need to look forward and not backward, the Justice Department’s behavior under President Obama, how torture hurts America, and what citizens can do to pressure the US government into ending its use of Blackwater and private mercenaries.

Allison and Jamie discuss Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD,) including the under-reported story of veteran Joshua Hunter, who recently stabbed his two army buddies to death in NY.

Citizen Radio has a brief follow-up to the anti-gay legislation being considered in Uganda. An Episcopal bishop is now publicly opposing the measure.

Sarah Palin has managed to outdo herself again. According to her father, Palin left college in Hawaii – not because she got distracted by the sunlight – but because she didn’t care for all the Asians and Pacific Islanders walking around. Allison and Jamie perform the totally real, 100% accurate reenactment of Sarah Palin’s arrival in Hawaii.

Last, credit card company trickery, the top 10 places you shouldn’t shop this holiday season, Allison continues Citizen Radio’s tradition of accidentally threatening politicians, the failed NY gay marriage bill, and David Vitter and Tom Coburn’s grand scheme to make Democrats look stupid backfires…and makes them look stupid.

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