Music In The News

Ever wonder what is on the Pope’s iPod?

Well, the world has a better idea now that the Vatican has launched its official MySpace Music playlist.  One might be shocked to find out just how hip and diverse His Holiness’s musical tastes are. The blogosphere has been abuzz since the Vatican released the playlist this past week.

Perhaps garnering the most attention, the fact that late hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur’s track “Changes” is found on the Vatican’s playlist. Also found in the mix is the track “Uprising” off of Muse’s latest album, The Resistance. BreakThru Radio favorite, Fleet Foxes is another contemporary artists found within the playlist.

Fleet Foxes track “He Doesn’t Know Why” has received over 37,000 plays. However, Shakur’s track has the most spins on the playlist with over 4.7 million, and in just a few days.

The 12 featured songs chosen for the mix also include tracks from Mozart, Dame Shirley Bassey, and selections from the album Music of the Vatican.

The playlist was not actually compiled by Pope Benedict XVI. According to CNN, the playlist was compiled by Father Giulio Neroni. Taking into consideration his eclectic taste and the amount of attention this playlist is getting, we are contemplating asking him to DJ a show here on BTR.

Link to this article:

– Emily Smith


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