The Scenic Route

DJ Laura C Chord
December 7, 2009

Three years has gone by very quickly, and to celebrate my three year anniversary with BTR, I’ve put together a “Best Of” show for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of the best songs (in my opinion at least) that have been featured on The Scenic Route. Hope you love them as much as I do!

00:21 Sure Can Start – Two Hours Traffic
03:30 Save That City – The Gypsies
06:42 123 My Friends – Jon McKiel
10:03 Every Time You Leave – Joel Plaskett
12:21 The Scenic Route with Laura C Chord
12:54 I Don’t Always Know What You’re Saying – Ladyhawk
16:32 On Fire – The Ride Theory
19:26 Samurai Robot – Hilotrons
21:56 A Point Of Reference – Five Blank Pages
24:50 The Scenic Route with Laura C Chord
25:21 People Love Me – Ruby Jean And The Thoughtful Bees
28:12 In The Night – Basia Bulat
31:09 Dr. Doom – The Houseplants
35:17 Let Wander Your Restless Heart – Baby Eagle
37:26 The Scenic Route with Laura C Chord
37:50 Safety Bricks – Kevin Drew
41:47 Family Ties – The Beekeepers Society
45:41 Comme des Enfants – Coeur De Pirate
48:25 SPF – Ginger And Irene
52:01 I Never Cared (About The Troubles) – Animal Nation
55:25 The Scenic Route with Laura C Chord
55:59 Payin’ The Rent – Prairie Cat

Joel Plaskett

December 12 – The Pearl Theatre, Lunenburg, NS, Canada
December 31 – The Casino Halifax, Halifax, NS, Canada
January 23 – Orpheum, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Coeur de Pirate
December 9 – Opera Cabaret Urbain, Chicoutimi, QC, Canada
December 10 – Boite a Bleuets, Alma, QC, Canada
December 11 – Salle Maria Chapdelaine, Dolbeau, QC, Canada
December 16 – Maison de la Culture du Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal, QC, Canada

Basia Bulat

December 16 – Metropolis, Montreal, QC, Canada
January 16 – Trinity St. Paul, Toronto, ON, Canada
February 2 – Sydenham United Church, Kingston, ON, Canada
February 4 – Aeolian Performing Arts, London, ON, Canada


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