Kosha Dillz

There is nothing more refreshing than a fresh voice matched with flashy beats. Kosha Dillz, out of New Jersey, fits this thought flush with his new album, Beverly Dillz.

First, what is his voice like? Well, it’s very relaxed, as if KD was talking to you over a beer at a bistro. The flow, second, continues this trend, and KD’s tongue doesn’t twist over quick rhymes. He keeps up nimbly, and utilizes good intonation and projection.

Third, on the subject of subject matter, the man’s name is an obvious hint. Kosha Dillz, born Rami Even-Esh, represents fierce for the Judaistic religion, which is great, but don’t get it confused. It’s not a gimmick. KD has an assured grip on the responsibilities that come with rapping behind a microphone, and the religious focus only strengthens this squeeze.

Fourth, the beats are solid. Mr. Green is responsible for the production behind Beverly Dillz; a man fond of finger-snapping and swank swinging, it seems. You know how sometimes a hip-hop record has one or two of those songs with just God-awful beats, the kind that pierce cochleas abrasive within seconds of the first snare? Mr. Green doesn’t let that happen throughout the 13 ghosts of Beverly Dillz, at all. His ear is just too playful.

Finally the overall product, combined together like suit, watch and cuff links, is sharp. Beverly Dillz is an easy album to put on, regardless of company, as there is something for everybody. Check it on Modular Moods / Matzah 4 yo’ Mouf Records, and make the perfect stocking stuffer for all your musically-inclined friends.


Dec 7 2009 at St Andrews w/ Matisyahu in Detroit, MI
Dec 8 2009 at The Armory w/ Matisyahu in Rochester, NY

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– Matt Lehtola


One response to “Kosha Dillz

  1. Please change tre name to BELIEF..he produced the record

    Also kosha dillz world/ shemspeed

    Record label

    Great review!

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