A Brand New Geek Out with Phil and Mimi

Not sure what to give to the Geek in your life for the upcoming holidays? Listen to Phil and Mimi’s Holiday Gift Guide on this week’s Geek Out.

We all do it. We wait till the last second, and when we’re put on the spot we can’t come up with a gift idea. What do I get my dungeon master? Should we go halfsies on mom’s gift? How many pancakes can Drew eat in an hour? Skip the hassle and listen in on some gift ideas for geeks, lonely dogs, and competitive eaters.

00:00  Phil & Mimi
00:56  Feedingamerica.org
02:04  The Beatles Rockband
07:02  Not Right Nativity Scenes
08:46  Fallingwater Lego Set
11:09  GoDogGo RemoteFetch
13:08  Merkury Innovations DJ Mixer
17:05  WikiReader
18:33  Did I Make You Cry On Christmas Day? (Well, You Deserved It!)
21:52  Sobbing To Sufjan
22:35  Chefstack Automatic Pancake Machine
23:44  All Edges Brownie Pan
24:37  Good Eats: The Early Years by Alton Brown
25:53  DJ Hero
27:55  Flip Mino HD
29:16  Sneak Peek at next week’s Geek Out
30:58  Are You Coming Over For Christmas? – Belle & Sebastian

Holiday Geek Gift Guide
leaf graphic
The Beatles Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle ($249.99)
Great For: The Whole Family, Beatles Fanatics

leaf graphic
leaf graphic
Not Right Nativity Scenes ($8 for a 5x 7 photo print)
Great For: Video Game or Movie Buffs, Quasi-Sacrilegious Geeks

leaf graphic
Fallingwater Lego Set ($99.99)
Great For: Aspiring Architect, Kids Who Build Good

leaf graphic
GoDogGo RemoteFetch ($119.99)
Great For: Tubby Dogs, Lonely Sweetie Pie’s

leaf graphic
Merkury Innovations DJ Mixer for iPod MI-IS2510 ($99)
Great For: Amateur DJ’s, Party Music Control Freaks

leaf graphic
WikiReader ($99)
Great For: Minimalists, Technophobes

leaf graphic
Chefstack Automatic Pancake Machine ($3500)

Great For: Competitive eaters, College Student

leaf graphic
All Edges Brownie Pan ($35)
Great For: Brownie enthusiasts, Crispy Connoisseurs

leaf graphic
Good Eats: The Early Years by Alton Brown ($17.50)
Great For: Take-Out Abusers, Cooking Impaired

leaf graphic
DJ Hero ($110)
Great For: People Experiencing Guitar Hero Burnout, Aspiring DJ’s

leaf graphic
Flip Mino HD 8GB ($230)
Great For: The Next YouTube Star, New Mother & Fathers, The Traveling Adventurer


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