Blogger of the Week: Microphone Memory Emotion

Great blogs usually start with great names. Microphone Memory Emotion‘s name comes from the song “All Boy Band” by the band Park Ave., featuring the one and only Conor Oberst on the drums. Georgia of MME talks about some of her current favorite artists and has put together a tailor-made playlist for your listening pleasure. Our favorites are the very dancey tracks from Lemonade, Cold Cave, and Tanlines.  Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Let’s Rock The Beach – Real Estate)
01:19 Useful Chamber – Dirty Projectors
07:45 Lemon – Velvet Davenport
10:42 MME on MME
11:57 Get Up – Washed Out
14:55 Dance Song ’97 – Sleater-Kinney
17:42 Pool Swimmers – Real Estate
20:54 MME on High Places
21:56 From Stardust to Sentience – High Places
25:26 False Jesii Part 2 – Pissed Jeans
27:58 MME on playlist part 1
28:40 Prisoner – Alex Bleeker & The Freaks
30:40 Daily Vacation – Ducktails
34:13 MME on playlist part 2
35:32 Bejan – Tanlines
39:07 Big Weekend – Lemonade
44:10 The Trees Grew Emotions and Died – Cold Cave
48:12 MME on podcasts, future projects
48:38 Faded Blind + Paper Thin – JP05
52:28 All of Denver is Wasted – Weed Diamond
55:33 Freeway – Kurt Vile
58:09 DJ Mimi (Let’s Rock The Beach – Real Estate)
58:43 Animal Tracks – Mountain Man

-Mimi Kim


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