Artist of the Week: Kurt Vile

It’s no secret that Kurt Vile is one of my favorite musicians. His music has been compared to the likes of Neil Young and Bob Dylan, but don’t let the music journalists distract you. Kurt Vile is just a regular dude who loves music, and he may be one of the most prominent bedroom recordists of recent times.

A former forklift operator and a guitarist in The War on Drugs, Kurt Vile has released a mind-boggling amount of records and 7″‘s in the past two years. While it seems like Vile is vying to win an award for being a hard-working music man, most of the material has been recorded over the last decade. My personal introduction to Kurt Vile was Constant Hitmaker, originally released in 2008. True to its name, Constant Hitmaker is a collection of Vile’s most accessible lo-fi psych-pop hits, drenched in his signature sound of otherworldly experimental noise. Constant Hitmaker quietly made its way onto several “Top of 2008” lists that I’d seen, but this year’s God Is Saying This To You… remains a Vile classic for me. Its pensive, soothing melodies and dabbles of electronic sounds could haunt dreams.

With Matador knocking on his door, Kurt Vile left the bedroom to record his ultimate album. In addition to the acoustic finger pickers, Vile also teamed up with the Violators (Adam Granduciel, Jesse Trbovich, and Mike Zanghi) for the jammy songs like “Hunchback” and “Inside Lookin’ Out.” The album has been generally well-received, and it showcases the breadth of Kurt Vile’s stylings. Clocking in at over seven minutes, “Freak Train” is a must-hear song that’s complete with an unforgettable scream-sing.

Childish Prodigy
will not be the last that we hear from Kurt Vile, and I’m eager to hear what he has coming up next. He’s already been playing new material like “Peeping Tomboy” at his shows, so it seems like there are more songs left in him. We don’t expect any less from Philly’s Constant Hitmaker. Be sure to check him out if he passes through your town.


Nov 17 @ Europa – Brooklyn, NY
Nov 18 @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple – Brooklyn, NY
Nov 19 @ Iron Horse – Northampton, MA
Nov 20 @ Swarthmore College//Olde Club – Swarthmore, PA
Nov 21 @ Messiah College – Grantham, PA
Dec 8 @ Maus Habitos – Porto, Portugal
Dec 9 @ Fragil – Lisbon, Portugal

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– Mimi Kim


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