Brand New Show on BTR: Geek Out

Listen to this brand new show right here on BTR!!
With seven books and six films to draw inspiration from, the Wizard Rock movement is as strong as ever with hundreds of bands brandishing mics for the cause. Joining us today is Astoria Greengrass of Swish & Flick, and we’ll hear a couple of tracks from their party album, In The House Of Slytherin (which you can purchase here). Astoria will discuss how she joined the community, share her thoughts on the emerging Twi-rock scene, and give us details on the wizrock bonanza known as Wrockstock.

00:00  Wynn & Mimi (background track: Year of the Snake – Sufjan Stevens)
03:11  Swish and Flick – Swish and Flick
06:47  Mimi & Wynn (background track: Year of the Snake – Sufjan Stevens)
09:34  My Dad Is Rich On A Boat – Swish and Flick
12:25  Interview with Stacy (aka Swish aka Astoria Greengrass)
16:36  Astoria Greengrass and the Pure-Blood Prince – Swish and Flick
20:43  Chatting with Swish
24:05  S-L-Y in Slytherin – Swish and Flick
27:47  Conversing with Swish
33:08  Hogwarts House Party – Swish and Flick
35:29  Mimi & Wynn (Year of the Snake – Sufjan Stevens)
37:33  Cho Chang (Shake Your Thang) – Swish and Flick

Tour Dates

Dec 19   Evil Day 2 @ Elk’s Lodge (w/ Draco and the Malfoys) – Hoboken, NJ


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