Blogger of the Week: Pop Jew in Brooklyn

Pop Jew in Brooklyn is kind of like the Teen Beat of music blogs, and we love it for its great taste in music and commentary on cute boys. Rachel aka Pop Jew talks to BTR about living at Silent Barn, booking the show that launched Surfer Blood into indie buzzdom, and her blog 15 minutes of fame when she broke the news about the fight between Nathan of Wavves and Jared of Black Lips. Listen to tracks from artists like Dream Diary, Fluffy Lumbers, Magic Kids, and Knight School. Check out Pop Jew in Brooklyn for more. Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Despicable Dogs – Small Black)
01:10 Girl In Love – The Smith Westerns
04:08 Pop Jew on Pop Jew
05:46 When U Love Somebody – Fruit Bats
10:11 Atlantis – Box Elders
12:14 Pop Jew on Silent Barn
15:06 Which Way Is Up? – Cause Co-Motion!
16:37 Teenage Girl – Darlings
19:10 Pop Jew on blog 15 minutes of fame
21:14 Is He Really Mine – Dream Diary
23:34 Patty Girl – German Measles
25:48 Pop Jew on Underwater Peoples, Fluffy Lumbers
27:31 Harry Dolland’s – Fluffy Lumbers
31:30 Don’t Ask Me To Explain – Of Montreal
34:13 Pop Jew on Big Troubles
35:18 Freudian Slips – Big Troubles
37:24 Pop Jew on Knight School
37:59 Pregnant Again – Knight School
39:57 Pop Jew on Magic Kids
40:52 Good To Be – Magic Kids
42:44 Pop Jew on future projects and aspirations
43:37 Young Adult Friction – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
47:40 Seeing Other People – Belle & Sebastian
51:22 Pop Jew on upcoming shows
51:46 Bird In My Garden – Dream Diary
55:00 DJ Mimi (Despicable Dogs – Small Black)
55:41 Tally Ho! – The Clean

-Mimi Kim


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