Artist of the Week: Music Go Music

Music Go Music is a group that would prefer to remain a mystery, leaving their listeners to bask in a world of catchy pop and disco driven tunes, yet making them wonder, who are these people and where do they come from? How do these ‘musical characters’  formulate such deliciously addictive tunes that leave you singing the hooks in your head for days?

Music Go Music is a group of Los Angles-based musicians that go by the names Gala Bell, Kamer Maza and Torg. Gala Bell Sings, Torg plays the guitar and bass and Kamer Maza plays piano, synthesizer and writes lyrics. The group collectively writes the tunes. One might wonder, who are these characters that call themselves by such interesting names? Well, to spill the beans and take away a bit of the mystery, I would like to reveal their true identities. Gala Bell and Kamer Maza are the husband and wife duo of Meredith and David Metcalf. They are also in the group Bodies of Water. Torg is Adam Siegel, a guitarist and producer who was the founding member of Los Angeles thrash outfit, Excel. He was also the main guitar player for Infectious Grooves (the side project of Suicidal Tendencies) and he played bass with The Eels for two years. Siegel produced and recorded Expressions for MGM.

Expressions was first released as three separate 12 inch vinyls. The nine songs on the album channel a Studio 54-style acid trip, in which ABBA becomes as cool as Debbie Harry in a theatrical “Age Of Aquarius”-like dream. Gala Bell uses her beautiful soprano voice to spew new life into a style that has not been copied, but reinvented. While an old disco fan may listen to the tunes and feel nostalgic, Music Go Music have created tunes that make their fans believe they have been taken back in time. The opening track “I Walk Alone” opens with Bell using her voice to summon her inner demons in a Diamanda Galas-style shout. “Light of Love” is a particular standout, in which there are several Queen references in the piano and synthesizer style of playing. I can’t help but recall the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation theme song sung by Mavis Staples. It sounds very, very similar. “Reach Out” is a song that draw comparisons to ELO, and quite frankly, a trippier sounding Pink Floyd. The entire album is filled with a beautiful pop sensibility that Music Go Music can call their own. Funky bass lines and guitar riffs will get your toes tapping, and the extreme musicianship of the band is commendable.

And although they would like to remain a mystery, the band has no fear of creating their own style of 70’s charm that is perfect for 2009. After all, this music makes you want to dance and celebrate, something that all music should strive for. MGM is not currently on tour, but keep an eye out for them!

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– Lottie Leymarie


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