Hello, My Name Is… This week featuring Free Energy, You Can Be A Wesley and Moodhosa!

Hello, My Name Is…
This week featuring Free Energy, You Can Be A Wesley and Moodhosa!
November 5, 2009

Free Energy

“It was actually a song first,” says Geoff Bucknum, of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based band. “We were looking for a name, looking for something we felt that described us, and we tooled around with lots of names. Finally, we just settled on that.”

You Can Be A Wesley

“The name began freshman year in college, when we started playing together,” says frontwoman Saara Untracht-Oakner. “We were in search for a name, and we’d text each other names, and just get ‘no’ as a response, or ‘you’re just naming things that you’re seeing.’ So one day we’re all sitting around the dining hall table, eating with a bunch of friends, and one of our friends is like, ‘you look like a whatever – you look like a Jeff, and you look like a Tom.’ And our bassist Nick really likes the film The Princess Bride, so our friend Dan says ‘yeah, you can be a Wesley.’ So, that’s how that started.”

“It’s funny, we get all types of different assumptions that people make, like Wesley Willis, Wesley Snipes, Wesley from Star Trek, or something, and we’re like ‘no, no, it’s Princess Bride.’ There’s even a little forum going, saying we should change our name to You Can Has A Wesley.”

Moodhosa has been around for a good 5 years in Gainesville, Florida, and the story behind their name is rather well-known. Founding members Jose “Junior” Peruyero (singer/rhythm guitarist) and Jason “Mumbles” Moody (lead guitarist) decided to keep thing simple. They combined different parts of their own names (‘Moody’ and ‘Jose’) to form ‘Moodhosa.’

Unfortunately, turnover in the bass and drums department in Moodhosa has been a constant over the past 5 years, but the core duo of Peruyero and Moody has remained, and as long as that continues, Moodhosa they will be.

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– Matt Lehtola


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