Blogger of the Week: Get Off The Coast

Music blogs are truly tastemakers, and Get Off The Coast is one that has its eyes and ears open for the next hot sounds. Jheri talks about the founding of his blog, his thoughts on vinyl and cassettes, and some of the bands on a very special playlist he’s put together for BTR. Listen to tracks from artists that you should know about, including Frat Dad, Pill Wonder, and Pearl Harbor. Be sure to check out Get Off The Coast to stay a step ahead in indie underground. Listen now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Take It Easy – Surfer Blood)
01:06 Voice Of An Old Friend – Active Child
05:52 Get Off The Coast intro
06:32 Weed Demon (DUSTLOOP Remix) – Wavves
09:06 Baby Come On – Dana Jewell
11:31 GOTC on M. Pyres
12:44 High on the Divide – M. Pyres
15:00 Coasts Pull – Castles
18:55 Bleep Sea – M. Pyres
20:29 GOTC on Underwater Peoples label
21:24 Pool Swimmers – Real Estate
24:15 Greg The Nerd – Frat Dad
27:05 Onward Flour – Julian Lynch
29:29 GOTC on Wonder Wheel
30:17 Shoot Me (w/ Gary War) – Wonder Wheel
33:59 Lost @ Sea – Pearl Harbor
37:36 Saturday Morning – Real Estate
40:26 GOTC on blog name
41:06 All Of Denver Is Wasted – Weed Diamond
45:04 Wishing Whale – Pill Wonder
47:06 48 Visions – Wolf Tapes
48:33 GOTC on vinyl and cassettes
49:56 Portsmouth Daydream Supper – Campfires
52:29 Old Folks – Real Estate
55:10 DJ Mimi (Take It Easy – Surfer Blood)
55:52 I Need Love – Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands

-Mimi Kim


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