Artist of the Week: Via Tania


You could say the whole “female singer-songwriter” thing is making a comeback, but did it ever really go anywhere? We’ve come a long way from the coffeehouse Girl-With-A-Guitar stereotype; hell, even the Girl-On-A-Piano thing seems a bit outdated (oh Regina Spektor, we love you anyway). Now we’ve got artists like St. Vincent, who seem to fit best under the category of Girl-With-An-Entire-Recording-Studio-At-Her-Disposal. Let’s face it: solo instruments are so twentieth century.

Into this awesome fray steps Tania Bowers, a.k.a. Via Tania, an Australian with roots in early 90s noise-pop outfit SPDFGH. From the first moments of her new album, Moon Sweet Moon, it’s pretty clear Bowers is working with an inventive musical palette. Opening track “The Beginning” is shaped around piano, vibraphone, and a muffled drum loop, punctuated with a brief splash of distorted guitar and fleshed out with carefully layered vocal harmonies. Elsewhere, “Our Wild Flight” floats on a bed of spaced-out synths, while “Lost In It” spins a beautifully sinister atmosphere out of tightly wound dub-funk and distant guitars.

But don’t despair, all you anachronistic fans of acoustic guitar; Bowers still rocks the six-string on tracks like the poignant ballad “How Come.” Yet even here, the soundscape is accentuated by subtle washes of electric sound. Tania describes her overall aesthetic as “moon pop,” a fitting term for the graceful weightlessness of her music (also, someone needs to get her Lusine’s phone number, stat). Why bother going to the planetarium when you can just catch her live? Dates below:

Nov. 10th – Bordello Bar LA – Los Angeles, CA
Nov. 11th – Bootleg LA – Los Angeles, CA

Link to this article:



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