Restless People

Who are Restless People?

Said question came to my mind a few weeks ago, after hearing a song called “Days Of Our Lives” (The Light In Mix) on RCRD (that magic motherlode of free, downloadable music). I recognized the man singing as the party atmosphere of Michael-Bell Smith, frontman for Brooklyn/Philadelphia’s Professor Murder.

Word of this news inevitably led me to wonder aloud “hmmm, new business indeed!” But what of the old business, right? Still active and afoot? Mere seconds of search revealed more details – Restless People also involved the work of Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm, better known as the Brooklyn-based duo Tanlines. A questioning email was sent via Intenet to the Restless People post, and the band answered my questions as a unit.

How did Restless People come to be, and, that said, are Professor Murder and Tanlines now defunct, or are either/or just on temporary hiatus?

RP: “Restless People is a new project from the people that brought you Professor Murder and Tanlines. Professor Murder production has been ramped down for the time being, but is not permanently discontinued. Tanlines is very much alive, playing shows, writing music and working on an EP for True Panther Sounds.”

What’s the 2009 prognosis for Restless People?

RP: “Restless People plans to make more music and play more shows. Our first show is on October 19th at Santos Party House in New York City with Washed Out and we’re playing at CMJ as well. We are definitely planning to release music soon and are in the process of working that out. Go to to download songs by Restless People and check out other projects from the Family Edition family.”

Mystery solved for now. Until, of course, the grand unveiling of Restless People in the Apple next Monday. Put a stop sign red X on your calendar. And don’t sleep on the music of Washed Out, either.

Sidenote: Remember when P-Murder was BTR Artist of the Week, back in November of 2006? We did things the exact same way, in which the band spoke as a whole. Also, instead of a more conservative interview and bio, the band gave us their 25 Things (5 Lists of 5 Things) going on with Professor Murder, which ye can of course still read here on BTR. Click yonder.

Link to this article:

– Matt Lehtola


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