BTR Live Jazz Hole: Alex Terrier

Alex Terrier
performed live in San Jose, Costa Rica at the Teatro Popular on July 28th, 2009 and at the Theater Eugene O’Neill on August 1st , 2009.  Listen to the whole show on BTR!

His 2nd album as a leader, “Roundtrip”, is a beautiful display of his amazing work as a composer and performer. It is available at and there is an album release party at the Drom, 85 Ave A in New York on Saturday, October 10th, 2009.

Born in Paris, France, Alex Terrier discovered the magic of music by playing classical piano pieces. The night he heard live Jazz for the first time, Alex Terrier decided to devote his life to music and jazz would be the path to follow. Parker, Miles and Coltrane would be his first guides to jazz as the works of Mozart, Beethoven, Schoenberg and Bartok would be his source of study for composition. With his saxophone, Alex traveled Europe before flying to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music. He is now living in New York and has released nine albums. His album “Stop Requested” (Aphrodite Records) features legendary George Garzone who was once Alex’s teacher.
 His second album “Roundtrip” features his New York Quartet.

More info available on

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00:00 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus (Guest: Alex Terrier)
01:59 Last Minute – Alex Terrier
08:14 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus (Guest: Alex Terrier) Tompkins Square – Alex Terrier
16:50 Roundtrip – Alex Terrier
20:17 Announcement by Alex Terrier
21:21 Departure – Alex Terrier
28:10 Live Jazz Hole with DJ Linus (Guest: Alex Terrier) Hope – Alex Terrier
38:10 Le Mirroir Des Anges Deguises – Alex Terrier

all compositions by Alex Terrier


Last Minute, Departure & Hope
(recorded on August 1st, 2009 at Theater Eugene O’Neill in San Jose, Costa Rica)
Roundrip & Tompkins Square
(recorded on July 28th, 2009 at Teatro Popular in San Jose, Costa Rica)
Alex Terrier (sax), Steve Davis (d), Matt Wigton (b)

Le Mirroir Des Anges Deguises
(from album “Roundtrip”)
Alex Terrier (sax), Francois Moutin (b), Steve Davis (d), Aki Ishiguro (g)

Alex Terrier
October 8th, Vandoren Concert at the Iguana – New York, NY
October 10th, Album Release Party of “Roundtrip” at the Drom – New York, NY
October 22nd, Parkside Lounge – New York, NY
February 13th 2010, First Unitarian Congregational Society – Brooklyn, NY


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