Blogger of the Week: Musical Pairings

Like a sommelier, Musical Pairings brings together music and food to create a mind-blowing combination. Matt of Musical Pairings explains the art of pairing food and music, and we call it an art for a reason. Listen to his picks, and be sure to check out his pairings and Kasey’s recipes on eating s/f. We highly recommend the watermelon gazpacho (paired with Phoenix) and the quinoa breakfast bowl (paired with Peru Negro).  Listen right now!

00:00 DJ Mimi (Freak Train – Kurt Vile)
01:20 Reaction – Maus Haus
04:12 Future Primitive – Papercuts
08:36 Musical Pairings on Musical Pairings and Eating S/F
10:09 It Ain’t Gonna Save Me – Jay Reatard
12:28 While You Wait For The Others – Grizzly bear
16:52 Musical Pairings on Joanna Newsom
18:13 The Book of Right-On – Joanna Newsom
22:16 I Think I Need a New Heart – The Magnetic Fields
24:46 Musical Pairings on creating pairings
26:21 She Moves She – Four Tet
30:59 Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare – Matt & Kim
34:27 Musical Pairings on Radiohead
35:40 These Are My Twisted Words – Radiohead
41:00 Um Ricka f. K’Naan (prod Mark Ronson) – Wale
44:34 Musical Pairings on Bay area blogs, local bands
46:14 Hellhole Ratrace – Girls
53:05 The Dress Looks Nice On You – Sufjan Stevens
55:31 DJ Mimi (Freak Train – Kurt Vile)
56:42 Satellite Mind – Metric

-Mimi Kim


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