Citizen Radio On BTR!!

Starting in October, Citizen Radio will broadcast special WEEKEND EDITIONS! It’s the same show – just more of it – and really, what more could you wish for? More politics! More comedy! More snark than you can shake a stick at! MORE!!  LISTEN HERE ON BTR!

Thanks to all the fans who have listened to and supported the show since day one, and who make it their business to spread the good word about Citizen Radio to all of their apathetic hipster douche bag friends. You did it, kids!

If the special shows are received well on October 10 and 24, then Citizen Radio’s weekend editions will become – brace yourselves – a permanent thing! So spread the word about Citizen Radio’s October Weekend Bonanza!


Tattoos: They’re not just for murdering bikers anymore!

Now, back to this week’s Citizen Radio….

Jamie fights the swine flu! Or he gets a little dizzy from getting a major tattoo. It’s one of the two. Tune in to find out which it is! (Hint: he doesn’t have swine flu.)

Allison and Jamie talk all about tattoo culture, and how it’s not just for murdering biker gangs anymore. Jamie took his latest tattoo like a champ (other than briefly fainting in a vegan restaurant.)

Next, Citizen Radio addresses the smear campaign against ACORN, the organization that helps people with low and moderate incomes find affordable housing, and registers poor people to vote.

Citizen Radio brings you the latest gossip from the amazing Values Voter conference where D.C.’s finest crazies gather to rant incoherently about gay people. Tom Coburn’s chief of staff, Michael Schwartz, does not disappoint with a breathy explanation of why all pornography is homosexual. Seriously.

A US Census worker was hung in Kentucky, and the word “Fed” was scrawled across his body. Read about the story on Allison’s blog: Citizen Radio explains how right-wing fear mongering leads to a culture of violence where Census workers get lynched.

Last, but certainly not least, Glenn Beck boils a frog to death on live television. Allison and Jamie talk about it.


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