Drink Up Buttercup Sign to Yep Roc!

It’s been a busy year thus far for Drink Up Buttercup.

BTR listeners will recall that the quartet, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, tore the roof off at the BreakThru Radio SXSW showcase back in March, and then dropped their debut American single, “Farewell Captain” / “Sosey & Dosey,” via Kanine Records on April 7th.

As of Friday, September 11th, Drink Up Buttercup is officially on the Yep Roc Records roster, and the band’s debut LP, Born And Thrown On A Hook, is due out in early 2010. The album is being recorded by none other than Bill Moriarty, whose track record is rather untouchable, considering his work with fellow Philly bands Man Man and Dr. Dog.

In the meantime, Yep Roc is releasing an “ultra limited-edition” 7 inch single featuring two brand-new Drink Up Buttercup songs. The “Even Think” b/w “Heavy Hand” single can be yours for $5.99, only from the Yep Roc Shop, and only while supplies last.

And if that just wasn’t cooler than the cat’s pajamas, you can go download those aforementioned new Drink Up Buttercup tracks FOR FREE at the Yep Roc website.

Furthermore (this just gets better and better), Drink Up Buttercup is hitting the road throughout late September and early October, and they left open dates for impromptu/DIY/acoustic shows. So, check the schedule, and if the band has open dates in your state, hit them up online and try to plan a Drink Up Buttercup show in your town!

I am currently trying to set up a show for Drink Up Buttercup in Gainesville, Florida on October 11th, and so far I have everything but the actual space taken care of – already got a PA, sound board and a chef to cook for the band. I  just need to find a house where the cops won’t break it down for noise ordinances…


Sep 25 2009 Talking Head Club – Baltimore, MD
Sep 26 2009 The Tea Bazaar – Charlottesville, VA
Sep 27 2009 The Blue Nile – Harrisonburg, VA
Sep 29 2009 The Bog – Scranton, PA
Sep 30 2009 Roustabout! @ 797 Lounge – State College, PA
Oct 02 2009 Howlers Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 03 2009 Ronny’s Bar – Chicago, IL
Oct 08 2009 Andrews Upstairs – Atlanta, GA
Oct 09 2009 Milestone (18+) – Charlotte, NC
Oct 10 2009 New World Brewery – Tampa, FL
Oct 13 2009 Local 506 – Chapel Hill, NC
Oct 18 2009 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
Oct 21 2009 CMJ @ Cake Shop – New York, NY
Oct 23 2009 CMJ @ Grasslands Gallery – Brooklyn, NY

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– Matt Lehtola


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