Hello My Name Is: Dinosaur Feathers, Fruit Bats, and Timber Timbre

Listening to Dinosaur Feather’s debut EP, Early Morning Risers, is like rolling out of bed into a jungle filled with palms ripe with tropicala and drum machines chirping away like mating crickets. If there were a hammock in the equation it would be close to heaven. Lead singer, Greg Sullo, weaves a simple tale about fossils and a mysterious woman to explain the origins of Dinosaur Feathers:

“Like oh so many bands, I was new to NYC, broken hearted, writing songs for a concept album about a girl in my apartment. I happened to be at the Museum of Natural History with that very same girl, and we were talking to the fossil experts there. They explained how many dinosaurs, such as T-Rex are now believed to have had feathers, or at least some sort of plumage.”

Simple and to the point. If only “Night At The Museum” would follow their lead. Who needs to be stuck another night with Ben Stiller? Contemplate that and figure out if you’ll be able to see Dinosaur Feathers play live on these dates.

Oct 8     Webster Hall – New York, NY
Oct 10   Bruar Falls (State Capital Records Compilation Release) – Brooklyn, NY
Oct 20   Piano’s (Cross Pollination CMJ Showcase) – New York, NY

Eric D. Johnson has cast aside his roles in The Shins and Vetiver, to once again lead the southern twanged Fruit Bats into 2009. The year almost started with a name change to accompany the new record, The Ruminant Band, but Johnson opted to turn the potential name into a recorded track instead:

“Fruit Bats started in the mid 1990’s as a four-track project. The name “Fruit Bats” was actually one of many cryptic monikers scrawled on the cassettes. Somehow that one stuck. Some of the other band names included “Holiday Inn,” and “Senseless Tripe.” Recently, I wanted to change the name. Fruit Bats was just me at the beginning. I always liked the word “ruminant.” We kicked around other band names, but it came back to Fruit Bats again. [This story] turned into a song.”

Dust off your banjo, grab a handle of moonshine, and clap along to Fruit Bats rambling folky numbers at these spots.

Sep 11   Black Cat – Washington D.C.
Sep 12   Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
Sep 14   Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY
Sep 15   TT The Bears – Cambridge, MA

Timber Timbre’s spooky tone can compete with a Nick Cave ballad, except Taylor Kirk possesses a pleasant warble and a penchant for rockabilly. The Toronto artist is taking a leap from his bedroom to the recording studio for his self titled third record, but he’s not holding back on the hues of blue. “By embracing heavy or dark imagery, I can create an atmosphere that’s cinematic,” says Kirk, whose stage name is a play on the sound of his beat-up guitar and the noise his father would yell when trees crashed on the farm where he was raised. “On record, I try to conjure an atmosphere by romanticizing the idea of my childhood landscape — winding roads, old graveyards, dilapidated barns. There’s nothing worse than a white guy singing the blues.” See Kirk’s theory in action by catching him on his tour that stretches into October.

Sep 17   Silverlake Lounge – Los Angeles, CA
Sep 18   Rickshaw – San Francisco, CA
Sep 20   Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR
Sep 22   Tractor Tavern – Seattle, WA

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– Phillip Nguyen


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