New Show On BTR! Comical Radio Uncensored

The FCC has been getting Comical Radio down. After years of confining themselves to a terrestrial radio station, these talk show veterans are making the jump to the Breakthru Radio to say all the things they’d probably be fined out of existence for saying on public airwaves. Join the trio of Myka Fox, Chris Iacono, and Danny Lobell discussing Danny’s imminent death due to his extreme weight problem, the snake-eyes Chris has tattooed on his penis, and Myka’s occasional drug problem and the consequences thereof.  Listen to it on BTR here!

00:00 Comical Radio Uncensored

Danny Lobell
In addition to hosting and producing Comical Radio, Danny lives in a shitty Brooklyn apartment with his roommate and a bald cat with scabs on it’s neck that he wound up with as the end result from a failed underground Cat breeding business (after which he started Comical). Danny has been doing stand up since he was a young kid and now is a regular at most of the major comedy clubs in New York and around the country.

Chris Iacono
Chris is a greasy, balding Italian from Bensonhurst who looks like a Jew. When he’s not getting high in his grandmother’s basement or making fun of underprivilged children, you can see him performing in comedy clubs all over New York City.

Myka Fox
At her best she is an intellectual investigator and provocateur, at her worst she will take a dump in your trash can. When she manages to overcome her severe social anxiety you can see Myka Fox performing for i-banker douche bags who will re-tell her jokes to drunk chicks before slipping them drugs.


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