Hello My Name Is: I Love You Airlines, Generationals, Money/Paper/Hearts

I Love You Airlines
play dreamy synth-pop, whimsy and fun but filled with the import that whimsy often brings. They’re a two-member group, comprised of Edi and Paul, a couple. It’s no wonder that their music is so dreamy and pleasant, because you can tell from Edi’s band name story that this duo are true artists, filled with passion and definitely interesting. In I Love You Airline’s case, it’s not so much about how the band got their name, but how the story is told. Edi writes:

“I have a vague memory of driving in the car in a rainstorm more oblivious to the rain than not… We were probably high… and having a blast… the car was a creme-y 4 door Volvo sedan borrowed from the girlfriend before me that was still bending acrobatics to get Paul back… The car was truly a classic and a piece of shit… It required getting momentum to be anywhere near respectable with speed on the road…

My memory is of Paul… I remember just not being able to take my eyes off of him… my neck crinked… but so happy… having great conversation/giving great conversation I thought… and one of us said something ‘I love you…’ and the way a lot of our ideas sprung and still do was one person casually said something and the other would say… ‘holy fuck… that’s it! That would be a great band name…’ (finding genius in the other’s words)

So it was… we named ourselves I Love You… It worked so well for us because it was vast and ocean-like with churning clouds and the occasional lightning bolt… and it perpetuated positivity… not irony… which was to us so old at the time… allowing for none of the nuances that tickled us… but positivity was positively magical and whatever joke was generated like, ‘Hey… I love you…’ was still a stranger saying such profound words… even in jest.

Then we moved to NYC… and gave ourselves fully to art… had no money… played shows… made more art… and then it was winter… and we wanted to vacate to somewhere magical… take a vacation… but the no money thing was a problem… coincidentally… we were making a Myspace page and I Love You was taken by like 1000 million people (who knew?) and so we came up with the name I Love You Airlines because the show we were playing at the time was conceptually about taking a visualized trip to Paris. We made a fleet of planes in our apartment lobby, spray painted them on the street and called it I Love You Airlines… we still hadn’t made the switch to calling our band that yet… it made us laugh… so cheeky yet so pertinent because it was monolithic… kinda mile high, kinda something else…

We had to become legit at a certain point because our song was in a commercial… and this is where the devastation happened… death and life… we were fine to have the same name as other bands because our name meant so much to us… but when it came time to copyright (totally weeerd and a type of legitimacy we didn’t understand) we learned there was a band in the 90’s that was called I Love You… opened for Pearl Jam… yuck times infinity… and had the name for real… so we were in a jammy and had to change it. We were in bed all weekend… trying to find the same type of forever like I love you had… and never found it… but because we already had I Love You Airlines… we started to mess with a logo. It was with the logo that it came together… Paul found this amazing fake Arabic font… and then the name morphed…and we liked it… and we kept it…”

The Generationals were not quite as verbose in their response, which is in and of itself interesting as their brand new album, Con Law, is a mish-mash of different types of music. Almost Beatles-esque in its genre-crossing scope, Con Law goes from laid back party-rock to 60s garage sounds, to doo-wop inspired beats. When it comes to their band name, and how they got it, it’s a lot more straightforward than pinning down their genre. When asked where it came from, Generational Ted Joyner says “Not sure. Mainly, I think, we just liked the way it sounded. I think Grant (Widmer) was noticing it in the news a lot at the time when we were making our record last year. It was around the election. So it was probably in the context of that.”

Brooklyn based band, Money/Paper/Hearts were more directly inspired by politics. This straight-forward BK punk band wasn’t pleased with the way this country was going, and they reflected that sentiment in their band name. Their earnest, feeling rock fits in well with this distaste for the Man and hopes for change. Jon from the band says, “Our name derives out of lyrics from an older song we wrote called ‘Identify Yourself.’ We formed in the latter half of the Bush Administration, and were fed up with how capitalism was truely taken advantage of in those 8 horrific years. Money Paper Hearts to me is summing up that era. It was a time of greed, which still relects upon us now, but hopefully is changing. The original lyric was ‘money paper hearts and coins for eyes, we will curse the human race for electing such power.’ Picking the name is obvious sarcasm to how we feel. We also needed a name for our first show and ultimately picked that. Now most people mistake us for Paper Money Hearts which makes more sense in if you try to remember it afterwards.”

We’re not forgetting. BTR loves Money/Paper/Hearts, and you can hear more from the band on their BTR Live Studio session with DJ Maia.

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– Madalyn Baldanzi


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