Hello My Name Is: Golden Bloom, Still Life Still, The Drums

Golden Bloom
is Shawn Fogel, an extremely versatile instrumentalist who is not afraid of constructing a good-hearted indie power-pop song here and there. His major tracks of late include “E.H.M” and “Doomsday Devices,” the first two tracks off off his recently released LP (August 18th) Fan The Flames. Fogel and his cohorts create ear-candy somewhere in the spaces between groups like The New Pornographers, The Shins and  Wilco. With music like his, it’s no wonder why a sunny name like Golden Bloom came about, but beyond the “what,” just what is the “how?”

As Fogel explained to BTR, “One day one of my musical co-conspirators, Jeff Patlingrao, pointed out that I shared a resemblance with one of the greatest thespians of our time, Jeff Goldblum. At that very instance I knew that the name of the project should share a similar resemblance.” But the road to fruition can be a long one, so the two began to sort through a few options before they landed on one that stuck. “Goldbloom’ or ‘The Goldblooms’ felt like plagiarism to me,” Fogel explained, “and ‘The Golden Bloomers’ sounded too much like fancy underpants, thus we became ‘Golden Bloom.”

Surely the Jurassic Park player would be proud, and as Fogel went on to explain, “Although the music itself is not inspired by Jeff Goldblum, I believe that his contributions to the arts have indirectly inspired us all in some way.” Thank you Alistair Hennessey.

Groups like Still Life Still represent one of the most encouraging and profound emerging styles of young artists today. While many Brooklyn and California ensembles have decided to pursue an increasingly popular beachy, dreamy and hazey sound, partially (and albeit most likely unintentionally) established by great groups like Deerhunter and Real Estate, Still Life Still have taken things a step further, marrying that sound with something closer to Sonic Youth or Television. Still Life Still even seems to evoke that sort of post-punk Campbell’s Soup can feeling, but what were the intentions of these Ontario natives?

According to the group, it was originally a song title… “then a much-needed band name, then we found out ‘still life still’ in French means ‘still born babies’ pretty much, trippy.” Aaron, Eric, Josh, Derek and Brendon ultimately felt even better about the name as time went on. As they explained it, “We just thought of the stillness in the world. It’s weird to frame each moment and not actually feel it.” Keep an ear out for this an any other band who find words and thoughts like these coming to mind, you’ll be happy you did.

The Drums have found a little popularity of late, and with good reason. Their pop sound is a sweet one, but Jonathan Pierce, Jacob Graham, Adam Kessler and Connor Hanwick haven’t been complacent therein. The airy melodies that carry their songs are supported by an encouraging bit of spacious experimentation. This combination lets tracks like “Submarine” and “Let’s Go Surfing” turn out to be playful and deep at the same time, something like the story behind their name.

As Pierce explained it, “About 2 years ago Jacob and I started a blog about the things we love, or things we wish we could love, and one of the things we loved or wished we could love was this band called The Drums. Now, this band did not exist in reality, only in our hearts. And they were not just some band, they were the coolest band of all time. They wrote perfect pop songs and played guitars in the coolest way and I dunno, we kinda went crazy with it.” The line between crazy and creative is surely a thin one, but luckily for us these two came back to Earth before creating the music they found in their dreams.

Pierce went on to explain, “When Jacob and I finally decided to start a band together, we naturally stole the name from our dream band. I hope they don’t mind. We have given that dream band a new name and hope they will let us steal it for our side project.” If this dream band could only hear the result of their goodwill… oh never mind, just go listen to the Drums.

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-Ike Stonberg


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