Hello My Name Is: EMA, The Gladeyes, Kissing Cousins

There are many coasts on this week’s edition of HMNI. We have a band of girls from the west coast (Los Angeles), a boy/girl duo from the east coast (Jacksonville, FL) and a pair hailing all the way from Auckland, New Zealand.

Kissing Cousins

“Well, it actually came from my drummer Beth,” says lead singer/songwriter Heather B. Heywood. “It was her idea for the name.You know, when you’re trying to name your band you think of all kinds of weird things – it always turns into a joke and you’re laughing at the silly things you’re coming up with. I don’t know how she remembered it, or if she came upon it, but the name originates from an Elvis movie. And, because we were both from the south, and at the time it was just us two, when she said it, it was like ‘That’s it.’ It just fit, and we built on it from there.”

Why ‘EMA’? I gleaned from the myspace that it means Eating Magik Apples, or Elevators Making Analog… Does it depend on the current mood and/or temperature of the band? What was the inspiration?

“It was more about not having to decide on a band name at first,” says frontman Keaton, of the Jacksonville, Florida-based band. “We accepted that we grow and change, and any name we had before always sounded like it could be easily pigeon-holed. And this has never been about one sound or one idea. This is a project based-system, where the letters change meanings to suit the project.”

The Gladeyes
“The Gladeyes is a name we have been working under for about 7 years,” says Gwen Farley and Jade Norcliffe of the Auckland-based band. “Years ago in New Zealand, Courtney Love was interviewed on a local TV show that was popular at the time. Anyway, the guy that was interviewing her paused the camera each time he thought he saw her give him ‘the gladeye,’ which he was convinced was happening a lot. Although she probably wasn’t, it was funny. Then, when we started the band, it just came up, and that was probably where the term lodged in our heads. So that’s how!”

Link to this article:

– Matt Lehtola


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