Twitter Contest: Win an iPhone 3GS!!!

Love music and want to be able to listen to podcasts on your phone 24/7? Want to win an iPhone 3GS by just listening to music and tweeting? FM is out of frequency. BreakThruRadio is Radio Rediscovered.

Here’s how to win:

– Follow us @BreakThruRadio on Twitter.

– Send a Tweet to your followers about your current favorite band along with the hashtag #BTRiphone and a link to this page (

– That’s it!

Here’s an example tweet: My current favorite artist is Kurt Vile – #btriphone

This is a 3-day contest, so hurry up – Follow us and tweet! You can only enter once a day between the dates of August 18th and August 21st. The winner will be randomly chosen and revealed via @BreakThruRadio on Monday, August 24th, so be sure to follow us. You could be the next winner! We are the future of radio. Enter to win and be able to walk, talk and listen to BTR anywhere!



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