Album Review: Darlings’ Yeah I Know

Yeah I Know


Friday the 14th saw the official release party for the Darlings’ Yeah I Know at Death By Audio in Brooklyn, New York. The entire Famous Class roster (Tony Castles, Snakes Say Hisss! and Boogie Boarder) were there to show support and show their stuff. That meant that Famous Class merchandise was on display, and the plastic-wrapped comic-book albums looked like candy.

Darlings are a collection of Brooklyn misfits who play a Walkmen style of careless rock that includes the sort of nostalgia of the Mammas and the Papas, but with a bit more of a Ramones rhythm. Peter, Matt, Maura and Joe are a few of the sweetest characters one could ever meet. “Darlings” may be one of the most appropriate names this writer has come across, and that sweetness comes across in the art included in Yeah I Know. Every page is actually an old picture of the parents of each band member, highlighting the fact that these four could easily be mistaken for wholesome kids ripped right from the sixties. That being said, their sound is anything but outdated.

Tracks like “TV,” “Eviction Party” and “Teenage Girl” have made their rounds about the blogosphere, but the best songs on the album are almost surely “We’re Not Going” and “Yeah I Know,” and in that order. The solo guitar sound of “We’re Not Going,” backed by a few driving power chords, is just a well-constructed song all around, and it makes for something important. Also, it is often the case that common popular music subject matter oscillates between some sort of materialist lifestyle that the listeners would like to live vicariously through, as well a a legitimate sense of realism. That includes house parties, TV, friends, boredom, relationships, a disadvantageous sense of honesty, et cetera. There is something comforting in that.

Few groups can carve out a place for themselves by representing real life as opposed to material wealth, clichĂ©d romanticism or some sort of fantastical future of cool. It seems as if the Darlings are beginning to do just that and it’s inspiring. Pick up the album, listen for yourself and be sure to seek out the ever more important live music from groups such as this.

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– Ike Stonberg


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