Live Studio: Sam McTavey

On today’s show: SAM MCTAVEY. Songwriter Sam McTavey is a gifted songwriter and wonderful guitar player who just happens to belong to a famous family of songwriters – the Wainwrights (mom is Sloan, uncle is Loudon, cousins are Rufus, Martha, and Lucy). He visited our studios last week to perform 7 songs and chat about a recent road trip, his musical life over the course of the past year, growing up in a family of songwriters, and more!   You can listen to the whole thing here.

00:00 Sam McTavey
01:07 Interview Part 1
03:29 Vertical Drain
07:30 Crazy World
11:03 Interview Part 2
15:16 Please Come & Find Me
18:54 Wishes
23:00 Blade of Grass
26:38 Interview Part 3
28:14 Open Road
32:51 Going Out
38:48 Thanks


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