Live Studio: Keygrip

Listen to this in studio performance from Keygrip HERE, and pick up a copy of their debut EP, Vis-a-Vis, today!

Official Bio:

New York, NY – New York City’s Keygrip is proud to announce the release of their debut EP vis-à-vis on July 28, 2009 on RRMC Recordings. Led by songwriter Michael Di Lalla, the music is melodic Brit-pop with hints of 80’s influence and modern day eclectic indie-rock leanings. The writing is accessible, yet edgy and heartfelt.

Self produced by Di Lalla with the bulk of the mixing done by Scott Solter (Spoon, St. Vincent, Pattern Is Movement) at John Vanderslice’s indie-heaven Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco, vis-à-vis is full of tranquil melodies, hypnotic grooves and a flowing, visceral dynamic. Five out of the seven songs on the EP were recorded mixed and mastered the old-fashioned way, to analog tape, with no computers involved in the entire process.

Keygrip is comprised of brothers Michael Di Lalla (vocals/guitar/keys) & Jared Di Lalla (drums) along with second guitarist Will Salween. To complete the line-up, Di Lalla went straight to the vine and recruited one of his students at the Paul Green School of Rock, where he is an instructor. Ivan Evangelista now helms the bass and the final format of Keygrip is solidified.

Years ago, Di Lalla put together the original keygrip debut entitled The Unaimed Arrow Never Misses, but shortly after its completion Michael was severely injured after being hit by a car in the NYC streets. A few years of recovery followed, as he had to get accustomed to the presence of metal plates, screws and rods in his arm and leg. All was not lost, however, for the “Arrow” record as many of its songs have been widely used in television on such networks as MTV, Bravo, PBS & TLC. Known as the “lost album,” Keygrip looks forward to eventually releasing the work later in the year.

The first single from vis-à-vis, “If I Could (You Know I Would)” will be accompanied by a video shot and directed my Mike Kobal.

Keygrip releases the EP vis-à-vis on July 28, 2009 on RRMC Recordings. Keep an eye out for Northeast tour dates throughout the summer.

00:00 Keygrip
00:44 Desire On Fire
04:59 Interview Part 1
09:06 The Warning
12:49 Dancing on a Wire
16:39 Otherside
20:15 Interview Part 2
24:10 Nothing But You To Lose
28:24 Interview Part 3
29:17 If I Could
32:44 Wrap up


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