Artist of the Week: Uncle Murda

Leonard Grant was called L.G. growing up. The name eventually evolved into L-Murda. Then Grant began being called Uncle Murda by the children in his neighborhood – the Cypress Hills Projects of Brooklyn, New York. The kids affectionately gave him the nickname due to his generosity in supporting them monetarily. The name is actually quite fitting, as the 2 words conjure up a totally different message and meaning. It’s complex, just like the man that would give back to his community but at the same time seemingly support murder. He even has a website called, and it has a section devoted to news stories of murders taking place around the world.

Uncle Murda, or Uncle M. as he has been calling himself these days (in what seems to be an effort to improve his image for marketability), is a very complex character. He was shot in the head in January of 2008. He released himself from the hospital within 24 hours of being shot, while the bullet was still in his skull. And, he seems to have no interest in finding the shooter, as he will not cooperate with the police. Not that this is a surprise;  Uncle M. is quite fond of the phrase made popular by N.W.A.’s “F#*% Tha Police.” After the shooting he was quoted saying that he was using Hennessey and Newports to deal with the pain.

Uncle M. is a gangster rapper and is appealing to a demographic that has been looking for something legit in the hip-hop scene. He is the real deal and has the life story to back it up. It’s not surprising that his candid and controversial lyrics have caught the eyes of many big name hip-hop artists, including Jay-Z and 50 Cent. In fact, Murda had signed with Def Jam but departed from the label soon after Jay-Z left.

After departing from Def Jam, Murda did not stop making music. In fact 2009 has found him pumping out quite a few hits, alongside some talented DJs and MCs. He released a track with 50 Cent in June 2009 entitled “OK.” He has recently made guest appearances on tracks from Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, and Capone-N-Noreaga. Murda also released the single “Murdera” in 2009, which features Akon.

Uncle Murda’s most recent musical venture is a mixtape that he released on the Internet in late July. The mixtape, entitled Summer Time Shootouts, was produced by none other than the mighty DJ Premier, and  it has been getting praise from both critics and fans alike.

If you are not intrigued by this man yet… well, there must be something wrong with you. The guy got over a bullet to the skull by drinking Hennessey and smoking Newports for heaven’s sake.

Keep listening to BTR for music and more information on Uncle Murda. There is certainly a lot more in store for his future.

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– Emily Smith


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