Artist of the Week: Math the Band

Math the Band is not really a full band, they are a duo, which I guess can be considered  a band, but honestly, they are more of an art rock 8 bit freak-out project by Rhode Island based couple (yes, couple) Kevin Steinhauser and Justine Mainville. The couple’s live and recorded act utilizes 8 bit keyboard lines, Casio keyboard drum sounds and screamy vocals.

The project started when Steinhauser was just 16 years old. As a teenager, he loved video games and ska, like many young kids, and those two interests influenced his music making. Before receiving his high-school diploma, Steinhasuser  had self-released 5 full-length CDs.

2007 saw what Steinhauser considered his first ‘real release.’ It was called Math the Band Banned the Math. The second full-length release, Don’t Worry, was released on Los Angeles-based label Slanty Shanty records. That record can be described in two words: CRAZY FUN. You can take the music as seriously as you want to, but it will make you want to dance and act a fool. It’s great! They say that their music is a cross between Atom and his Package and Andrew W.K., and I think those are two fitting examples of what Math The Band sounds like.

I have never seen their live show, but I am assuming they  are packed with DIY kids who surround the two as they energetically perform on stage. Imagine Dan Deacon meets Girl Talk, but with a crazy couple who likes to make music, play shows, and have a good time. They have earned a total of 7 broken bones and 9 forehead staples from their performances, and Kevin has been known to vomit onstage during his set. They have shared the stage with bands such as Matt and Kim and Japanther. And they will be cruising around the United States this summer, so check them out! We love them here at BTR!


Jul 6 2009 at House Show! – Lowel, MA
Jul 7 2009 at Velvet Lounge w/ Deleted Scenes and Weekends – Washington DC,
Jul 11 2009 at The Space – Hamden, CT
Jul 27 2009 at 242 Main w/ Lji and Watercolor Paintings – Burlington, VT
Jul 28 2009 at The Sweat Shop with Lji and Watercolor Paintings – Providence, RI

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– Lottie Leymarie


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