Artist of the Week: Liechtenstein

A raw rock Swedish band that came up releasing 7-inch singles? Sweet. Naemi, Renée and Elin only began playing together three years ago, but their sound is a mature one. Their vocals and simple guitar lines put them in a place near the early days of the Raveonettes. But a sound like that didn’t come from their hometown of Göteborg. There was quite a bit of meandering involved, as Renée explains:

“We started playing together about three years ago,” she says “and we released our first record in March 2007, on Fraction Discs. It was a seven inch single called Stalking Skills. It is now sold out, but you can still listen to the A-side on our Myspace. Another single, called Apathy, followed in September of 2008, as did lots of gigs in Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Finland.”

With so much moving around, it’s no wonder how they got their name, but Göteborg isn’t all bad. When the girls got started there was a bit of a scene, and just enough to get something off the ground.

Renée was really a catalyst for Liechtenstein. She recalls, “I used to go to this really smashing indie pop club here in Göteborg, some years ago. That’s where I got introduced to all the bands that have inspired me in my own song writing. I got a guitar for my birthday and started recording demos.” And as for the others? Naemi played the bass in a band in Renée’s high school and Elin played drums in a punk band. Elin even ran her own clubs when she lived in Gotland (a small island just outside of southeast Sweden). But the past is the past and the girls have a brand new album titled Survival Strategies In A Modern World.

“It’s a mixture of all your favorite 80s indie pop bands,” explains Renée, “mainly all-female and with a touch of the 00’s and politics. It consists of both old and new songs, and we had played almost all of the songs live, so it was basically just a matter of getting down to recording them. Most of it was recorded in my flat.”

Liechtenstein is a great example of what a group can do if the talent and passion is there. When a group is releasing 7-inch singles, things are clearly about the music, and from what Renée has mentioned, nothing has changed.

With regard to the future, Renée says, “We will start recording new songs at Elin’s family place in Gotland during the summer. What will happen to the songs hasn’t been decided just yet. But we will probably release another seven inch on Fraction Discs, to start with, and perhaps do a few shows at the beginning of the fall.”

Awesome. U.S. shows are rare, so check up on BTR’s calendar page regularly to see how these three are doing. Success is right around the corner, especially for the appreciative. Says Renée, “We want to thank everyone who has bought our records, and we hope that they will enjoy them!”



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