BTR Live Studio: Prabir And The Substitutes!

They’re currently touring in support of their latest EP, Hello, which brings to mind some truly great music royalty including The Beatles & The Beach Boys. Check out the session here! These guys put on a tremendous live show, and brought their A-game to BTR early last week , straight out of the car from Virginia. We had heard good things, but we were blown out of the water. You best be getting to a live show, STAT. Options include:

5/7 @ Tir Na Nog – Raleigh, NC

5/8 @ Snug Harbor – Charlotte, NC

5/16 @ Tanner’s Creek – Norfolk, VA

5/21 @ DC  9 (with the lovely TALLY HALL!) – Washington DC

6/6 @ Fontana’s – New York, NY

A message from the band:


We here at Prabir and The Substitutes would like to thank everyone for the massive support for our last record (Five Little Pieces) and all the touring we did in 2008. Last year will be a tough one to beat, but we’re up for the challenge!

Thus far the wintery beginning of 2009 has been very productive. Now with spring approaching, we’re ready to show you what we have been working on all this time. The band has been composing new songs and we have captured a few of them onto CD. So, we’re putting out a six song EP called Hello.

For this recording, we took some serious time to ourselves and set up a recording studio in our Richmond, VA headquarters. What we ended up with is something really warm and cozy.

The songs still revolve around our usual love and longing theme, but this time we added a somewhat new element. That is to say these songs are semi-biographical.

The themes on this set of recordings are focused around music, friendship, and love. It is reminiscent of being young and playing a guitar, only to realize a decade later you’re still strumming the same guitar. Some of the songs focus on the trials and tribulations of touring around the country, while others are straight up love songs filled with lush vocal harmonies and frantic pop guitar jangle.

We’ve been taking these songs out on the road here and there in 2009 but plan on hitting the road much harder once the EP is released. (April 10, 2009)

Again, from the bottom of our five hearts, we want to thank you for the great 2008 year and hope to see you guys when we pop into your town to say Hello.

Prabir, Chris, Charlie, Robbie, and Tyler


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