Hello My Name Is… with Deastro, Little Boots and Mr. Lif

Coming up with the perfect name for yourself can be pretty tough, which is why this week’s artists turned to shrooms, Cobra villains, and mad Roman Emperor’s for inspiration.

Mr. Lif

Boston MC Mr. Lif twines his rhymes with political thunder, creating flashy tracks about Obama, post 9/11, and  our “rapidly decaying society.” So it comes as a bit of a surprise that he would derive a moniker from a hallucination, but at least he’s not Mr. Pink Elephant. Let’s proceed:

“It was drug-induced. It was my first time tripping out on mushrooms. I came up with a song called “The Liftedly Man.” The character in the song was living life to the fullest, treating people with respect and hopefully getting that in return. It felt like solid ideals that I would want to associate with. It’s a corny name, so the Man became Mr. and Liftedly became Lif. ”


Apr 30  The Green Room in Flagstaff, AR
May 1   Urban Lounge in Salt Lake City, UT
May 2   Marquis Theatre in Denver, CO
May 3   Three20South in Breckenridge, CO


Deastro is a skittle-covered, light-powered, one man band producer here to spread good vibes from the future. Despite his lyrical cheeriness, Deastro seems to delight in names from the dark side. His other project, Our Brother The Megazord, has ties to Decepticons and the name we’ll discuss today comes from a villainous fiend with a penchant for silver masks. Knowing is half the battle.

His name is modeled after the infamous G.I. Joe villain, Destro. The “A” was added to avoid copyright lawyers. Although Randy Chabot had intentded to change the name, a kindly e-mail from Portugal explained that the name meant “from the stars”, which Chabot thought was rather fitting”


May 9   Proud Galleries – London, England
May 11  Water Rats – London, England
May 12  Fandango (with Heartless Bastards and Narration) – London, England
May 14  Republic of Music’s Day Party – Brighton, England

Little Boots

“Little Boots” was typed out by a bevy of bloggers for many reasons. It’s obvious that’s she’s a 10 on the foxy scale, but in addition, her first single “Meddle” was an infectious dance anthem that spoke to jilted hearts everywhere and her second single has the production and  vocal backing of Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard. Let’s find out how this kitten from the U.K. got her name tag:

“When I started doing my own project I wanted a name that was external to me rather than just use my real name. Little Boots was what my friend had started calling me after watching a film called Caligula. His name is Latin for ‘little boots’, and he was a Roman Emperor who was pretty insane. He turned the palace into a brothel and made his horse a member of the Roman Consul, pretty mad. Anyway, the name just kind of suited me and it stuck.”


Apr 30  Koko – London, England
May 12  Cockpit – Leeds, England
May 13  Club Academy – Manchester, England
May 14  King Tuts – Glasgow, Scotland



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