Ardent Session: The Uglysuit

Members of Oklahoma City’s The Uglysuit have been making music together for almost a decade. After cycling through several genres in their vast history, they finally landed on a sound that dances between the lines of atmospheric rock and psychedelic folk music. While their debut CD, the self-titled The Uglysuit, would not be out of place blasting from the speakers of a convertible on a sunny day, the music takes hold of the listener in a more profound way when listened to in a more intimate setting – like lying in bed with your headphones on. Don’t miss the band on the road this summer when they open for Iron & Wine. Check out the session here!
00:54 Brownblue’s Passing
07:35 Everyone Now Has a Smile
16:38 Brad’s House
23:18 Chicago
28:10 The Way of Swaying
34:51 …And We Became Sunshine

The Uglysuit Live

May 15 2009 Belle Isle Brewery Oklahoma City, OK


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