Artist of the Week: Project Jenny, Project Jan

We all know how hip it is to be depressed. French conceptual artist Amelia Gentleman believes her best art comes during her lowest moments, particularly amidst a break-up. Van Gogh painted The Starry Night shortly after slicing his own ear off and being committed to a mental hospital. Hell, two of my favorite artists are Tori Amos and Bright Eyes, and their music isn’t really known for its cheery disposition. Dressing all in black and popping Prozac will always be cool, but sometimes you just wanna  dance (damn you Dane Cook) without any worries.

That’s where Project Jenny, Project Jan comes into play.

Neither a Jenny or a Jan, this smooth duo has stamped their Casio signature on the Brooklyn scene with their sly debut,  XOXOXOXOXO. PJPJ consists of Jeremy Haines (hypeman, vocalist, and album artist) and Sammy Rubin (beat maker and sound synthesizer), two fellas who have embraced the feel good nature of music. Their  single “320” has a sleek bass pattern seemingly pulled from a Spy vs. Spy comic and the lyrics playfully delve into paranoia, but you never get flung into North by Northwest territory.

Their laid back anthem “Summertime” hearkens back to Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff days, containing vibes that make you feel like you’re having you’re third burger at a BBQ and you can’t decide if it’s a good idea to jump in the pool. But that’s you’re biggest concern. You should automatically treasure “Games” just for uttering the lyrics “Sink my battleship or sink my destroyer…”, but throwing in Gran Turismo & Princess Peach references will always win over nerds in the crowd (myself included).

Recently, PJ2 whirled dervishes for BTR’s SXSW day party, which you can relive by clicking these glowing letters. In April, the duo will release The Colors EP, which features collaborations with Fujiya & Miyagi (if you haven’t heard the fabulous “Pins & Needles” yet, click here), Mixel Pixel, So Percussion, and Adam Matta.


Tour Dates

Apr 17   Culture Shock Festival (SUNY Purchase Campus) – Westchester, NY
May 18  Webster Hall (Creative Block) – New York, NY


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