Hello My Name Is…Spirit Spine, Math The Band and Bad News Bears

For this edition of Hello My Name Is, we have another trio of excellent All Access bands!  Today we hear from college bands Spirit Spine, Math The Band, and Bad News Bears.

Spirit Spine

Joseph Denny is only a freshman at Indiana University, but his Animal Collective-influenced electronic music has earned him praise from all over the blog world.  He chose his one-man-band name from a road trip.  Very appropriate for a project begun at college.  Denny says, “I was on a road trip with some friends over spring break and we passed through this weird little town in the middle of nowhere. They had a lot of farm equipment stores and gas stations and those ‘mom and pop’ grocery stores. But there was this new age healing place we passed called ‘Spirit Spine’ that stuck out cause it was painted in these wild blue designs and stuff. It looked cool and it sounded cool, so I took that on as a name.”

Math The Band

Math the Band has also been gaining serious momentum for their brand of upbeat electro-punk songs.  With songs names like “Homework Sucks” and “Let’s Hear It For Capitalism!” it’s clear from the get-go that this Dartmouth band is a lot of fun.  Their band name story is simple and seemingly appropriate for their music.  Kevin Steinhauser explains, “We got our band name about 5 years ago. I couldn’t come up with a name for the band, and decided to name it after a pin I had on my backpack that said ‘math’ and nothing else. It was just a yellow pin that said ‘math’ on it. I named the band after the pin so that my band would have a pin!”

Bad News Bears

Bad News Bears is from Pennsylvania and attends Montgomery Community College.  His brand of high-energy pop has earned him a great reputation on Myspace and MTVU’s best music on campus.  Mike Sacchetti, the man behind the band, explains how he chose his band name.  “There is no elaborate back story or reasoning behind the name of our band Bad News Bears. When I created BNB, it started as an experimental outlet for my music. I wanted to do something different and needed a name to fit the genre. Bad News Bears was an expression I used to say every so often and always thought it would be a great band name, and here we are.”


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